No Redeeming Qualities

Episode 62 - Looking For Female Bassist

February 14, 2018

Ahhh heck…it’s Heck Nugget! Sit and listen politely as NRQ is joined by Connor McBride (vocals/guitar), Michael Bartkowiak (bass), and Henry Merschat (drums), of Houston’s own indie rock band Heck Nugget. They allow Bob and Zipp to drag them through conversations over Doug, Chewbecca’s diet, how the band formed over craigslist, the strength of Abraham Lincoln, South American white people, double bass, whether or not Heck Nugget is a weed band, selling out, and performing in Houston.

Enjoy as Heck Nugget wraps the show up with TWO live performances! (How Long Have I Been Living In The Shadow Realm; I Will Surprise You)

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