No Redeeming Qualities

NRQ Presents - A Pleasant Conversation With Uwe Boll

April 17, 2018

Uwe Boll, famed filmmaker (House Of The Dead; Alone In The Dark; Rampage series) has a bone to pick with radio host Alex Jones! Upset over the shock jock’s recent comments towards the victims of gun violence, Boll has challenged Jones to a charity boxing match; Jones has yet to respond to or decline the offer.

So, he’s asked Bob and Zipp to help him raise awareness for this noble cause, which is making an overweight middle aged radio performer pay for his rude, callous remarks. Bob and Zipp, as former residents of Austin, hated anytime a Jones led rally caused traffic, so they were more than willing to help the cause.

Make sure to take to social media and tell Alex Jones to step up and see if he can take down the ‘Raging Boll’!

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