No Redeeming Qualities

Wheels Of Justice

January 7, 2019

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been pushed down a staircase in his wheelchair and there’s only two men who can solve the case: Bob and Zipp

“Wheels of Justice”

Written by Robert Giancarlo and K. Thomas Zipperer

Music by Victor Gonzales and Niko Zorich

Mixed by Niko Zorich

Edited by K. Thomas Zipperer

With additional writing by Ploy, Johnny Wallace, Miggs, and Boobi Newhouse

Starring, in order of appearance:

Robert Giancarlo as Bob

K. Thomas Zipperer as Zipp

Daniel Eli Lopez as Sketchy

Pedro Euna as Waitress

Tiffany Witcher as Nurse

Tony Barthel as Hospital Bystander

Miggs as Ben Kendell

Devin Clark as Rob Miller

Arch Stanton as Wheelchair Guy #1

JC Denton as Wheelchair Guy #2

The Bass Chef as Doorman

Ms. Meister as Intercom

Mansour as Wheelchair Guy #3

Macduff as Pedicab Dispatch

Ralph Pangallo as Bartender

Amanda Hufford as Industry Insider

Reichuu as Ashley

Dano Colón as Kurt Hagdon

Gamejunkiez as Gov. Abbott

Tony Cooper as Lt. Price

Jeffrey Dean as Sgt. Williams

Artwork by Heavy Ordnance Studios

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